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Basic Chords Stars and Rabbit - Man Upon The Hill

Cadd9 Dadd9 Eadd9 G
Cadd9 Dadd9 Eadd9 G

[Verse 1]~
Cadd9    Dadd9
Hey man upon the hill,.. up here…

I used to write you

You loved the way I watch the sun

Through my,.. finger

Dadd9                                Eadd9
We spent sometimes to the day we met!

Can I fall into your constellation arm..?

Cadd9 Dadd9 Eadd9 G

[Verse 2]~
Cadd9           Dadd9
We drove in the wind!!!

Opened the window,.. Waved to nothing!!!

Just keep us awake

Cadd9              Dadd9
We drove under the heavy rain Soaking wet yes

We laughed at it yet

And tell me more your constellation arm!!!

Cadd9 Dadd9 Eadd9 G

       C                D
And we danced in the room

Grew our heart a bloom

I stop right there!

You've found a new home

       D           Em
And I should be happy…


C D Em G

C D Em G


Dadd9           Em        G
I should be happy!!!

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