Dance Dance Dance CHORDS by Riverdale Cast

Album: Riverdale: Original Television
Soundtrack (Season 1)
Released: 2017


D                  G            D                  G
    I'm lost in the memory of the place where summer ends
Bm                      G
    Late night when this town gets small
    I've been runnin' through the streets again


              G          A
Let's make it hard to hold on


      D                G                Bm              G
Come on, turn the radio on and honey let's dance, dance, dance
                    D          A            G
For the rest of the night, it's better left unsaid
          Bm                  G                  D              A
Yeah, come on, play the remix loud and honey we'll dance, dance, dance
                  Bm              A          G
For the rest of our lives, I'm not ready to go yet,


          A            D
we've got history to forget
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Published : 2017-08-21 02:20:24

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