Youve Always Got A Place To Sit CHORDS by Rebel Son

[Verse 1]~
                      A    B                      E
Pretty woman I can't believe you're not out on the town

                  A                          B                   E
Laughing with your friends and giving all the men a reason to get loud

                  A                          B
Pretty woman I can see you've got no where to be

                 E                   B      C#m
Because you walk alone so sad wearing such a frown

                B         A                            B
Pretty woman you need some cheer so come sit down right here

And leave those tears out on the ground

[Verse 2]~
                   A                        B
Pretty woman if you stay I know we'll find a way

                     E                            A
To work your problems out,.. all you've got to do is sit

                        B                               E
And in no time you'll forget whatever you were so upset about

                         A                                 B
If you just sit with me a while pretty soon you'll start to smile

       E                           B     C#m
And I'm more than sure you're gonna come around

                           A                        B            E
Cause as long as I've got a face you've always got a place to sit down

Yeah pretty woman I've got the trick

And as quick as a lick

E                           B       C#m
We're gonna turn that frown up side down

So as long as I've got a face

                   B            E
You've always got a place to sit down
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Published : 2017-07-21 00:35:10

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