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Basic Chords Raisa - Love You Longer


 C G/B Am G
        F Em Dm G

C     G/B           Am       G
 you came into my life unexpectedly
F            Em
 you saw my imperfection
Dm    G
 you saw who i am

C       G/B         Am
 through all my insecurities
     G       F             Em
You stood by me so i love you
          Dm            G
For the peace that you bring to my soul

Am         G
 high and low
I've searched i've searched
You're the only one for me

           C                 G/B
 you're my person, you're my home
         Am               G
 you are real, you're my earth
           F              Em
 you are a million dollar things
           Dm          G
 that you don't even know  

            C             G/B
 you're my sun, you're my rain
             Am            G
 you're that twinkle in my eye
        F               Em
 oh i wish i find you sooner
         Dm             G     C
 so that i, i can love you longer  

Int  C G/B Am G
     F Em Dm G

C    G/B            Am      G
You told me how to feel so beautiful
F       Em
 to forgive all my past
Dm      G
 to accept all my flaws

C        G/B       Am
 through all my insanities
    G          F
You laugh with me
   Em          Dm
So i love you for
That lightness you bring to my soul

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C         Am
  i've searched high
     G          F
And low before you
But time saved the best for last
Am                  G
 i've never felt so sure in my life
F            G
 you're the only one for me

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About Raisa

Raisa Andriana, known by her mononym Raisa, is an Indonesian singer-songwriter. She became publicly known for her song titled "Serba Salah". Prior to her solo career, she was one of the lead vocalist of Kevin Aprilio's band, Andante, which later renamed as Vierra.

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