They Cant Black Out The Moon CHORDS by Rachel Portman

Album: Their Finest
Released: 2017

I'm not afraid of the dark
    Dm                  G
Are you? (Are you?) Are you? (Are you?)
Gee, but it's nice in the dark
        Dm      G
With the moon and you

When we go strolling in the park at night
Oh, the darkness is a boon
    C              A
Who cares if we're without a light?
    Dm          G      C
They can't black out the moon

I see you smiling in the cigarette glow
Though the picture fades too soon
C              A
But I see all I want to know
    Dm          G      C
They can't black out the moon

Dm      C
We don't grumble
Dm                  C
We don't worry about alarms
        Dm      Am
Oh, but when you stumble
    D                    G
You stumble right into my arms

And when you kiss me, don't you realize
That my heart's like a big balloon?
    C                A
And like a love light in your eyes
Dm              G      C
They can't black out the moon
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Published : 2017-08-20 16:54:27

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