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Basic Chords Brooke Ligertwood - Calvary’s Enough



chordband » Brooke Ligertwood » Calvary’s Enough

capo: 4th fret
C  Dm  F Am  G
[verse (1)]
i resolve to kCnow nothing but you crDmucified
somehow in this rFoom right noAmw
it is enoGugh
the weight of the woAmrld
too much for the soGuls of men
but somehow you hFold it alCl
upon the crGoss
[chorus (1)]
Ccalvary’s enough
AmcalvaDry’s eGnough
Dmwhen i knoCw no - thing
when Dmi know too Gmuch
what i chAmoose to know right Dmnow is
Gcalvary’s eCnough
[verse (2)]
you resolved to dCie
scarlet flowing fDmrom your hands and side
covenant is seFaled and ratifAmied
you knew the cGost
as the daCrkness fell
and the temple cuDmrtain tore
the death i deseAmrved you made yFours
upon the crGoss
[chorus (2)]
Ccalvary’s enough
AmcalvDary’s eGnough
Fgod, i know Cno - thing
but Dmi know this mGuch
Am   your blood has sFpoken, it sGhouts from the crosCs
Am   the world is Fbroken but Gall is not Clost
Am   because of jeFsus and Dall you haveG done
on   cCalvaAmry
it’s mGore than enoCugh
Fgod, i know nCo - thing
but Dmi know this Gmuch
Dmoh, CcalvAmary isG always eCnough


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About Brooke Ligertwood

Brooke Gabrielle Ligertwood better known by her maiden name Brooke Fraser, is a New Zealand singer and songwriter best known for her hit single "Something in the Water", released in 2010.

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