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Basic Chords Neck Deep - It Won't Be Like This Forever


About this song (It Won't Be Like This Forever)

The song “It Won’t Be Like This Forever” by Neck Deep is a pop-punk anthem that expresses the hope and optimism of overcoming the challenges and difficulties of life and love. The song is written by Ben Barlow, Matt West, Sam Bowden and Seb Barlow, who are the members of the Welsh band Neck Deep. The song is produced by Seb Barlow, who is also the bassist of the band.

The song is the ninth track on Neck Deep’s self-titled fifth studio album, which is set to be released on January 19, 2024, via Hopeless Records. The song was released as a single on September 28, 2023, along with a music video that features the band performing in a garage and sending paper airplanes to their loved ones.


chordband » Neck Deep » It Won't Be Like This Forever

capo: 3rd fret
you know it wCon’t be like tDmhis
it wAmon’t be like Fthis forever
Conly yourDm kiss could stop the lAmonelinessG from sinkiFng in, yeah
C  Dm  Am  FC  Dm  Am  G F  C
[verse (1)]
C   i’m tDmrying to Amhave some faith, and kFeep it all togCether
but i’m nDmot sure if Ami can Gsay i’m feFeling any better
Coh, don’tDm be so pAmessimistic
you’re gFonna miss it Call
baby, Dmi hope that you cAmalm down G
and you chFeer up
you know, it wCon’t be like Dmthis
it wAmon’t be like tFhis forever
Conly yourDm kiss could stop the lAmoneliGness fromF sinking in
you know, it Cwon’t be likeDm this
it cAman’t be like tFhis forever
Conly yourDm kiss could stop thAme loneliGness from Fsinking in, yCeah
C  Dm  Am  FC  Dm  Am  G  F  C
[verse (2)]
maybe someDmday i mAmight feel thе wFay i felt befoCre
on a monDmday i Amam thе rGain, and Fyou are the peDmtrichor
oh, don’t be so soFlipsistic, you’re not the only onDme
baby, i hope what onAmce wGas, is Fnot lost
you know, it Cwon’t be like Dmthis
it wAmon’t be like tFhis forever
Conly your Dmkiss could stop theAm loneliGness from Fsinking in
you know, it Cwon’t be like Dmthis
it caAmn’t be like tFhis forever
Conly youDmr kiss could stop theAm lonelGiness from Fsinking in, yCeah
C  Dm  Am
from sinFking in, yeahC
C Dm  Am  G  F
see, i could Ctry to explain it
but it’s just tDmoo complicated
sometimes i thAmink it’s a curse
it’s the woFrst
god, i hate it
it’s a lCong shot baby, but i tDmhink we’re gonna Ammake it
we’ll be there some dGay
and i Fswear that it won’t be lCike this
Dmno, it won't be lAmike this
Fno, it won't be Clike this
Dmno it won't be liAmke thiGs    F
Conly your Amkiss could stop the lDmoneliness from siFnking in


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About Neck Deep

Neck Deep are a Welsh pop punk band from Wrexham who formed in 2012 when vocalist Ben Barlow met former lead guitarist Lloyd Roberts. The pair posted a song online under the name Neck Deep.

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