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Basic Chords Nathan Carter - The Banks Of My Own Lovely Lee

Released: 2017

[Verse 1]
G            C                G          Em
How oft do my thoughts in their fancy take flight
      D          A        D
To the home of my childhood away,
      G              C        G            Em
To the days when each patriot's vision seem'd bright
    D                  A              D
Ere I dreamed that those joys should decay.
                    D7          G              Em
When my heart was as light as the wild winds that blow
        G              Em        D7
Down the mardyke through each elm tree,
        G          D7                    C          G
Where we sported and play'd 'neath the green leafy shade
      D7                    G
On the banks of my own lovely Lee.

[Verse 2]
G              C            G            Em
And then in the springtime of laughterr and song
      D          A        D
Can I ever forget the sweet hours?
      G              C        G            Em
With the friends of my youth as we rambled along
    D                  A              D
'mongst the green mossy banks and wild flowers.
                D7          G              Em
Then too, when the evening sun's sinking to rest
        G              Em        D7
Sheds its golden light over the sea
    G          D7              C      G
The maid with her lover the wild daisies pressed
      D7                    G
On the banks of my own lovely Lee
    G          D7              C      G
The maid with her lover the wild daisies pressed
      D7                    G
On the banks of my own lovely Lee

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