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F  C  Dm  Bb
F  C  Bb  F


F                  Dm
I dreamed of living, alone but fearless
C              Bb    F
Secret longing, to be courageous
F                Dm
Loneliness kept, bottled up inside
C                                    Bb            F
Just reveal your brave face, they'll never know you lied


        F                  C
Country roads, may lead me home
        Dm                    Bb
Know I belong there, all on my own
    F                    C
Destiny calls, motionless I stall
          Bb          F
No I can't go, country road


Dm            C    F
No matter how dark the world’s inside me
    Bb            F              C
I’ll never stop to show all of the tears that I’ve shed,
Dm    Eb    Bb    F
but now I have to walk so fast, running, sprinting to forget
C                    C7
what is lodged in my head.


        F                  C
Country roads, may lead me home
      Dm                      Bb
Know I belong there, all on my own
    F                    C
Destiny calls, motionless I stall
          Bb          F
No I can't go, country road
        F          C
Country road, la la la la.
        Dm                    Bb
You’re a good friend I’ll never know.
      F                  C
Same tomorrow, regret and sorrow,
{slow down}
              Bb            F
Can’t take you home, Country Road.

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