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Basic Chords Misc Praise Songs - The Churchs One Foundation

   D                A         G                 D
The church’s one foundation is Jesus Christ,.. her Lord;

   D            G      D  G             A
she is his new creation by water and the Word!

    D                  G      D                  Em
From heaven he came and sought her to be his holy bride;

    D                G                       A       D
with his own blood he bought her,.. and for her life he died!

D              A           G                D
Elect from every nation,.. yet one o’er all the earth;

   D             G       D   G                    A
her charter of salvation one Lord,.. one faith,.. one birth!

   D             G   D                      Em
One holy name she blesses,.. partakes one holy food,..

   D               G                         A    D
and to one hope she presses,.. with every grace endued!

      D               A          G             D
Though with a scornful wonder the world see her oppressed,..

   D            G       D  G          A
by schisms rent asunder,.. by heresies distressed,..

   D                  G   D                                Em
yet saints their watch are keeping; their cry goes up “How long..?”

   D                 G                    A       D
and soon the night of weeping shall be the morn of song!

   D                  A           G            D
The Church shall never perish,.. Her dear Lord to defend,..

  D                   G   D       G               A
To guide,.. sustain,.. and cherish,.. Is with her to the end

      D                  G    D                          Em
Though there be those who hate her,.. And false sons in her pale,..

D                G                 A     D
Against or foe or traitor,.. She ever shall prevail!


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