Album: In a New Bed
Released: 2016

G Em Am D

[Verse 1]
G          Em              Am            D
The walls of this hotel are paper-thin
G          Em              Am              D
Last night I heard you making love to him
Bm              D              E
The struggle mouth to mouth and limb to limb
Em            G        A
The grunt of unity when he came in

G          Em              Am              D
I stood there with my ear against the wall
G          Em              Am              D
I was not seized by jealousy at all
G                      Am
In fact a burden lifted from my soul
D                            C        G
I heard that love was out of my control

[Verse 2]
G          Em              Am            D
I listened to your kisses at the door
G          Em              Am            D
I never heard the world so clear before
Bm            D                      E
You ran your bath and you began to sing
Em        G              A
I felt so good I couldn't feel a thing

G                        Am          D
I stood there with my ear against the wall
G                    Am          D
I was not siezed by jealousy at all
G                      Am
In fact a burden lifted from my soul
D                              C          G
I learned that love was out of my control

[Verse 3]
G          Em              Am              D
And I can't wait to tell you to your face
G          Em              Am              D
And I can't wait for you to take my place
G                      Am      D
You are The Naked Angel In My Heart
G                      Am          D
You are The Woman With Her Legs Apart
G                            Am
It's written on the walls of this hotel
D                              G
You go to heaven once you've been to hell
G                          Am
A heavy burden lifted from my soul
D                            C      G
I heard that love was out of my control
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