[intro :]=====

A E F#m
A E F#m

=====[verse :]=====

A         E            F#m
  take me out, take me down
A          E               F#m
  spend me out for another round
D          A            Bm
  bring me back to your place
          A           E
Tell your lies and my fear

A         E             F#m
  take my heart take my soul
A          E               F#m
  leave me nothing but the home
D        A              Bm
  and we will play your game
      A          E
And i won't be a shame, huuu oooh

=====[chorus :]=====

A       E                F#m
  do not   changing lanes
       E         D
Keep me   insight
And i will go go
Go your way

      E           F#m
Let me   stay here
       E          D
In love   and fear
And i will go
Go your way

( E F#m D )
A Bm Em A


=====[verse :]=====

        E             F#m
Take my heart take my soul
A          E               F#m
  leave me nothing but the home
D        A              Bm
  and we will play your game
      A          E
And i won't be a shame

Ohh   i will never
Never never be the same

=====[chorus :]=====

    E                 F#m
( do not changing lanes )
( keep me insight )
You keep me insight
( and i'll go go )
E                A
Now i go your way

( let me stay here )
Let me stay here
( in love and fear )
In love, and your fear
( and i'll go go )
And i'll go your way

=====[outro :]=====

Your way
Bm        E              A
   i will go go, your way
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Published : 2018-04-04 07:49:08

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