Through The Cellar Door CHORDS by Lanterns On The Lake

Album: Beings
Released: 2015

A B C#m B E

A    B            C#m
So,, are we heading outside?
A      B        E
It’s a victory dance
Are you coming now?
B                C#m
Now the start is in sight
B      E                    A        B            C#m
Now history sides with the common man Are you one of us?
A        B    E
Are you one of us?

F#m C#m
F#m C#m

A        B        C#m        B              E
I’m done with the creatures online There’s more to this life
If you’re honest now
B        C#m
Are you coming untied?
B        E
Are you one of us?

A F#m C#m E

F#m                C#m
There’s a baying crowd
And it’s a call to account
B      A      E            A  B                E        C#m
It’s a crying shame if you don’t come And it’s a call to account
                B  E            A      B          E  C#m  F#m
And it’s a crying shame if you don’t come Are you with me?
A F#m B E B A E
Are you with me?
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Published : 2017-09-06 01:51:43

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