Make Us One CHORDS by Jesus Culture

Album: Love Has a Name (Deluxe/Live)
Released: 2017

G D  G D A
G D  G D A

[Verse 1]
One with the Father,
one with the Spirit
G                  D/E
One with the Son of God
One with our sister,
one with our brother
G                A
One family by the blood

        G D            Bm A
Make us  one, make us  one
              G D            Bm D
Your will be  done, make us  one

G D  G D A

[Verse 2]
One heart with heaven,
one mind connected
G        D/E
One body unified
A                Bm
Bind us together now and forever
G            A
Jesus be gloryfied

        G D          Bm A
Make us  one, make us  one
              G D            Bm D
Your will be  done, make us  one
            G D          Bm A
Oh, Make us  one, make us  one
              G D                Bm D
Your will be  done, Oh, make us  one

  We confess all our offenses
We confess we've been afraid
Bm A
  We repent of all our pride
let all the hurt be washed away
  For all the wars and violence against our enemy
Bm A
  Come heal our land with Your great river
Restore our family

        G D          Bm A
Make us  one, make us  one
              G D            Bm D
Your will be  done, make us  one
            G D            Bm A
Oh, Make us  one, make us  one
        G D          Bm A
Make us  one, make us  one
                  G D              Bm A
Let Your kingdom  come and make us  one
            G D
Oh, Make us  one!
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Published : 2017-08-12 08:21:32

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About Jesus Culture

Jesus Culture songs
Jesus Culture is an American international Christian revivalist youth outreach ministry that was formed at the Bethel Church of Redding, California.