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E  B  C#  G#m

E    B         C#         G#m
i wanted to match your glow

          E            B         C#      G#m
with an apple that i taught regret

          E            B             C#              G#m
but you smashed that fruit and you spat on my shoes

                  E               B          C#      G#m
and you drew an airplane flying through my head

                     E    A   B
i might as well be dead

                      E               A   B
let those fireflies chew off my legs

                           E           A   B
cause i don't wanna ever dance no more

              E        A
no no no no no more

E    B         C#         G#m
i wanted to make you swoon

          E                B         C#      G#m
with a light bulb that i taught to fly

          E         B            C#               G#m
but you took that bulb and you chewed it to a pulp

                   E                B    C#    G#m
and you spat out fifty full grown fireflies

                   E    A    B
but it was all a lie

                      E               A    B
those fireflies are made out of dust

                               E          A    B
and i don't wanna watch them glow no more

              E       A
no no no no no more

E    B         C#         G#m
i wanted to make you cry

          E            B         C#      G#m
with a cowboy that i taught restraint

          E                  B       C#               G#m
but you snapped him in two and you buttered his boots

                    E            B       C#    G#m
and you threw him out into the pouring rain

                           E   A   B
well it really ruined my day

                            E          A    B
I had to glue him back together again

                               E            A    B
and i don't think he'll ever dance no more

              E       A
no no no no no more

E  B  C#  G#m
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