Losing All Sense CHORDS by Grizzly Bear

Album: Painted Ruins
Released: 2017


D Bm Gb E  x2

[Verse 1]
        D                  Bm
When I woke up today I was so bound
      Gb              E
To a memory cut long ago
        D                      Bm
I could hear all your words echo on down
              Gb                      E
And then my heart rate dropped to a crawl

[Pre Chorus]
D          Bm
  Move too fast
Here we are
Can't let go
D          Bm
  Take the past
Own your scars
Let it show

G                    A
  Could I ask of you  not to cut into me
G              A
  Dividing all  of my body for me
G                    A
  I was left here to  go through all the pieces
G        Gb        E
Nothing more to spare


Bm  Dbm  Gb

D Bm Gb E

[Verse 2]
          D                    Bm
I keep looking for reasons to come 'round
          Gb                    E
To make sense of your internal row
        D                          Bm
It's a maze and there's nothing to be found
          Gb                    E
It just leads me away from my end goal

[Pre Chorus]
D          Bm
  Move too fast
Here we are
Can't let go
D          Bm
  Take the past
Own your scars
Let it show

G                        A
  Like a rogue wave you    wash right over me
G                    A
  Losing all sense of  what my body could feel
G              A
  I was able to  drift away from here
G      Gb          E
I have lost all control

G  G
            F          G
The cipher walks alone
            F            E
The cipher lies so long awake
She can't help
              F          E
One night to lie so long awake
Just thinking
Just thinking
It's too late, ah ah

[Outro Instrumental]

D Bm Gb E  x4
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Published : 2017-08-21 02:25:19

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