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Eb Bb Ab Gm F# A F Bb G F

For once in my life
        Bbm      Gm
I have someone who needs me
Eb              Ab      F
Someone I've needed so long
    Cm        Ab        Eb            F    A
For once I'm afraid I can go where life leads me
      Bb      F                  Am D
And somehow know I'll be strong

    D          F#          Bb            Am
For once I can touch what my heart used to dream of
Eb              Cm    F    D          Bb
Long before I knew, someone warm like you
      Cm                  F#
Would make my dreams come true
For once in my life I won't let sorrow hurt me
Eb            Ab        Dm
Not like it's hurt me before
    Cm          Ab                    Am
For once I have something I know won't desert me
      Bb      F    Bb      Am
And I'm not alone anymore
    Gm                    F#
For once I can say; this is mine you won't take it
Bb        Gm        F#
Long as I know I have love I can make it
    Bb    Gm          Cm              Bb
For once my life I have someone who needs me
Gm                          Bb            F#
For once I can say; this is mine you can't take it
Bb        Gm          Cm        C
Long as I know I got love I can make it
    Bb                  D    Eb      Cm F
For once in my life I've got someone
          Bb            Gm      F#    Ebm
Yeah, for once in my life I found someone
Gm            Bb              F
For once in my life, I've got someone
Who needs me
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