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Basic Chords Fereydoon Foroughi - Niaz

Dm Am G C F E Dm Am G C F E

[Verse 1]~
Am      G           F            E
Tane to zohre tabestoono be yadam miare

Am         G          F          E
Range cheshmaye to baroone be yaadam miare

Am                       G     F      E
Vaghti nisti zendeghi farghi ba zendoon nadare

Am         G          F           E
Gahre to talkhie zendoono be yadam miare

Am       G             F    E
man niazam toro har rooz didaneh

Am         G           F    E
Az labet dooset daram shenidane

[Verse 2]~
Am        Dm          G             F G Am
To bozorghi mese oon laze ke baroon mizane

Am         Dm             G          F G Am
To hamoon khooni ke har lahze too raghaye mane

Am        Dm          G                Am
To mese khabe gole sorkhi latifi mese aab

Am         Dm            G              Am G Am
To mese hamooman ke age bi to bashe joon mikane

Am Dm G C F E Am Dm G C F E

Am      G               F E
man niazam toro har rooz didaneh

Am         G            F E
Az labet dooset daram shenidane

[Verse 3]~
Am     G          F             E
To mese vasvaseye shekare yek shaparaki

Am        G          F            E
To mese shoghe raha kardaneh yek badbadaki

Am                   G       F      E
To hamishe mese yek ghesse por az hadesei

Am        G           F           E
To mese shaadie khab kardane yek aroosaki

Am       G              F E
man niazam toro har rooz didaneh

Am        G              F E
Az labet dooset daram shenidane

[Verse 4]~
Am        Dm           G          F G Am
To ghashangi mese sheklaaei ke abra misanan

Am        Dm       G            F G Am
Golaye atlasi az didane to rang mibazan

Am      Dm        G                   Am
Age mardaye too ghese bedoonan ke injaei

Am        Dm         G         F G Am
Vase doozdinae to ba asbe baaldaar mitazan

Am      G              F E
man niazam toro har rooz didaneh

Am         G               F E
Az labet dooset daram shenidane

Am Dm G C F E Am Dm G C F E

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