You Dont Do It For Me Anymore CHORDS by Demi Lovato

Eb  Fm  Db

[Verse 1]
Eb        Fm      Db
I see the future without you
Eb                Fm      Db
The hell was I doing in the past
Eb          Fm            Db
Now that I've learned all about you
Eb            Fm              Db
A love just like ours wouldn't last

  Eb        Fm        Db
I won't fall for your games
    Eb        Fm         Db
So don't hate me when I say

Eb    Fm      Db                  Ab
That you don't Do it for me anymore
Eb    Fm      Db                 Ab
No.. you don't Do it for me anymore

[Verse 2]
Eb        Fm      Db
Money won't pay for your problems
Eb          Fm        Db
You gotta fix them yourself
Eb          Fm          Db
Vices and pity won't soft them
Eb            Fm        Db
Stop feeling bad for youself

  Eb        Fm        Db
I won't fall for your games
    Eb        Fm         Db
So don't hate me when I say

Eb    Fm      Db                Ab
That you don't Do it for me anymore
Eb    Fm      Db                Ab
No.. you don't Do it for me anymore

I'm sorry for honesty
  Fm                      Db                Ab
I could not bare to lie to you.. to lie with you
I'm sorry for honesty
Fm                      Db                Ab
I'm well aware I lie to you when I lie with you

Eb    Fm      Db            Ab
You don't Do it for me anymore
    Eb  Fm      Db
No.. you don't Do it for me.. don't Do it for me
Eb    Fm      Db                  Ab
No.. you don't Do it for me anymore
Eb    Fm      Db                  Ab
No.. you don't Do it for me anymore
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Published : 2017-09-10 04:23:05

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Demetria Devonne Lovato is an American singer, songwriter and actress. After making her debut as a child actress in Barney & Friends (2002–2004), Lovato rose to prominence when she starred in the Disney Channel television-film Camp Rock (2008) and released her debut single "This Is Me".