1000 Light Years Away Chords

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Oh please don't stay that'll you'll go
C             Em
My heart can't bear the news
    C                                  D       G
Just knowing that you'll be a thousand light years away

If you do
And will you know when it's through
When you find what you're looking for
Will you know what to do
          D          C            G
A thousand light years away when you do
C            G
..Oh when you do
      C                                     Em
And I should've said it before you were gone
            C                               D
Because I'm kicking myself for waiting oh so long
      G                        C
And I should've held you near
      G      C
Every time I fear
       Em                        D
Somehow you just wouldn't feel the same
                G             C
So please don't say that'll you go
My heart can't bear the news
    C                               D          C
Just knowing that you'll be a thousand light years away
If you do
C          G
..Oh if you do
            C                         G
But I'm just sitting here gazing at the stars
C                              D
Let's say we pick one out and call the whole thing ours
    G                C
And even though that light we see
G                  C
Ain't the same for you and me
G                   C
Well you know when I know
    G                   C    D
That you and I can't even be a thousand light years away
    C            G    C
And I still love you
       G C
Oh yes I do
I love you
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Published : 2017-09-23 09:42:47

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1000 Light Years Away
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