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Brockhampton, stylised as BROCKHAMPTON, is an American hip-hop group formed in San Marcos, Texas in 2015. The self-stylised 'boy band' was founded on Internet forum KanyeToThe, leading them to be described as 'The Internet's first boy band'.

        Fm               Db              Ab
Did you lie to him since you were seventeen?

         Dbm         Db Ab
How's he holding up? Evanie

Eb     Ebm               Ab              Db
Do you cling to him like you would on to me?

       Dbm                    Db Ab
Bet he needs you more than I, Evanie

Eb      Fm                Ebm      ( Ab )     Db
Did you hide your neck to save him from his sleep?

       Dbm             Ab
I know how that feels, Evanie

      Eb                  Ebm             Db
Every chance you take you make me want to flee

Can't you see?

You should move on

I swear you'll be fine

Whenever you want

I'll be your ride

And when you're alone

And his love is gone

Maybe you'll see that

Ebm                  Db
Your company was the


      Dbm      Db   Ab
Thing for him, your sin
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