Dancing Dead Chords

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Dm - Bb - A - F - G
Dead men,They celebrate As the
final chapter Fades away
Cause they can't hide;
We can see their flesh is rotten!

The band plays a hopeful tune
The champagne is pouredAs they socialize
The look in their eyes
Hidin' the light!

Dm - F - A - Bb
Everything is paid for tonight
While at the party of the
Dead dancin' in their graves
The drinks here are free
So relax
Enjoy the sight of all the
Dead dancin' in their graves
And while the world that they built
Told 'em to change
Told 'em to listen
They just kept it the same
And now that midnight has come
I'm in a room watchin' the
Dead dancin' in their graves
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Published : 2017-06-07 21:43:16

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