How Far i'll Go Chords

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[Verse 1]~
C                                     Dm
I've been standing at the edge of the water

                Am                      F
'Long as I can remember, never really knowing why

C                            Dm
I wish I could be the perfect daughter

                      Am                         F
But I come back to the water, no matter how hard I try

Every turn I take, every trail I track

Every path I make, every road leads back

To the place I know, where I can not go

Though I long to be

[Chorus 1]~
       C                                     G
See the line where the sky meets the sea? It calls me

          Am                F
And no one knows, how far it goes

       C                                    G
If the wind in my sail on the sea stays behind me

             Am         Fm                  
One day I'll know, if I go there's just no telling how far I'll go

C G Am F

[Verse 2]~
C                        Dm                           Am
I know, everybody on this island seems so happy on this island

Everything is by design

C                         Dm                      Am
I know, everybody on this island has a role on this island

So maybe I can roll with mine

I can lead with pride, I can make us strong

I'll be satisfied if I play along

But the voice inside sings a different song

What is wrong with me?

[Chorus 2]~
       C                                     G
See the light as it shines on the sea? It's blinding

          Am                F
But no one knows, how deep it goes

       C                                             G
And it seems like it's calling out to me, so come find me

          Am             F
And let me know, what's beyond that line, will I cross that line?

[Repeat Chorus 1 - key Change]~
       C#                                     G#
See the line where the sky meets the sea!!..? It calls me

          A#m                F#
And no one knows,..!! how far it goes

       C#                                 G#
If the wind in my sail on the sea stays behind me

             A#m                F#
One day I'll know,..!! how far I'll go

C# G# C# G# C#

Last Update : Feb 24, 2017
- Capo : 4th fret
- Last Chorus one level higher
- Outro also follow
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Published : 2017-07-21 16:38:22

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