Strangest Thing CHORDS by The War On Drugs

Released: 2017

[Verse  1]
Bm Em G
Bm Em G
Em D  A
Bm Em G

Summer ride
Bm          G
Howl at the day
          Em            A
I've been hiding out so long
        Bm Em      G
I gotta find another way

Late at night I wanna see you
Bm                          G
Well my eyes, they begin to fade
            Em          D      A
Gm I just living in the space between
    Bm            G
The beauty and the pain?
        D    A
And the real thing

[Verse 2]
Now the sky is painted
    Bm        G
In a wash of indigo
          Em    D      A
I've been holding on too long
          Bm          G
In the howling of this cold

I recognize every face
                  Bm    Em G
But I ain't got everything I need
              Em        D      A
If I'm just living in the space between
      Bm          G
The beauty and the pain
          D          A
It's the strangest thing


          Bm              G
Yeah, she runs surrounding me
  D            A
Surrounded by the
    Bm            G
Surrounded by no other
          D  A  D Bm G D A D G D A D
I wanna run home

Yeah, I can run slowly
      D        A
Don't run away again
Yeah, I can run
          D      A
Don't run away again
              Bm    G
I wanna run, I wanna run
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Published : 2017-07-22 18:25:02

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