Your Spirit CHORDS by Tasha Cobbs

Album Heart Passion Pursuit
Released 2017

=====[Intro :]=====

F#m D E C#m7

  F#m   D
Not by might, not by power

By your spirit God

Send your spirit God

=====[Arpeggio :]=====

F#m E E Bm F#m E E Bm

You are the fire

We are the temple

Your are the voice

We are your song

You are our God

We are your people

You are the light

Bm       A/C#  D
We stand in awe

F#m         E  C#m7  D
We stand in awe of you

F#m                E
We stand in awe of you

  F#m   D
Not by might, not by power

By your spirit God

Send your spirit God

=====[Arpeggio :]=====

F#m E E Bm

You called us out

Out of the darkness

Into your love

Into your light

Grace upon grace

Beauty for ashes

You come to us

Bm      A/C#m  D  E  F#m
We come alive

E  C#m7  D  E

We stand in awe of you

F#m                 E
We stand in awe of you

F#m   D
Not by might, not by power

By your spirit God

Send your spirit God

A/D   E

    A/F#  D  E
Come and breathe on us

            A/D      E
Spirit breathe

Bm7      F#m7      E
Come and breathe .. on .... us
Not by might....
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