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[Verse 1]
Em6                                          F#m7/A
Turned on the weather man just after the news
        Em6                                  F#m7/A
I needed sweet rain to wash away my blues
Em6                                          F#m7/A
He looked at the chart but he look in vain

Heavy cloud but no rain

[Verse 2]
Em6                                          F#m7/A
Back in time with Louis XVI
      Em6                                    F#m7/A
At the court of the people he was number one
            Em6                              F#m7/A
He'd be the bluest blood they'd ever seen
        Em6                                  F#m7/A
When the king said hi to the guillotine
The royal astrologer was run out of breath
                B7#9                                F13
He thought that maybe the rain would postpone his death
Em6                                          F#m7/A
He look in sky but he look in vain
Heavy cloud but no rain

[Verse 3]
Em6                                          F#m7/A
Well the land was cracking and the river was dry
        Em6                                  F#m7/A
All the crops were dying when they ought to be high
      Em6                                          F#m7/A
So to save his farm from the banker's draft
The farmer took out a book on some old witchcraft
He made a spell and a potion on a midsummer's night
            B7#9                              F13
He killed a brindled calf in the pale moonlight
Em6                                      F#m7/A
He prayed to the sky but he prayed in vain
Heavy cloud but no rain

[Guitar Solo]


Heavy cloud but no rain
    Gmaj7    A              Em7        A
The sun won't shine till the clouds are gone
    Em7          F#m7          Gmaj7  A
The clouds won't go till their work is done
And every morning you'll hear me pray
B7#9                      F13
If only it would rain today

[Verse 4]
Em6                                          F#m7/A
I asked my baby if there'd be some way
              Em6                            F#m7/A
She said she'd save her love for a rainy day
Em6                                          F#m7/A
I look in the sky but I look in vainAm6
Heavy cloud but no rain
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