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A2           D2/A                    A2
Great is the Lord and most worthy of praise

   D2/A                      F#m
The city of our God,.. the holy place

   A                Bm        

Bm  C#m7  D  D/E   one chord per beat over one bar
The joy of the whole earth

A2           D2/A                          A2
Great is the Lord in whom we have the victory

  D2/A                   F#m
He aids us against the enemy

  A               Bm        

D   E   D/F#   E
We bow down on our knees

   A                                 C#m7
And Lord we want to lift Your Name on high

   D2                           A/C#
And Lord we want to thank You

       Bm                  D/E
For the work You've done in our lives

   A                               C#m7
And Lord we trust in Your unfailing love

   D                  A/C#
For You alone are God eternal

Bm                   E       A      

Throughout earth and heaven above

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