There's a place I know that's tucked away,
A place where you and I can stay,
Where we can go to laugh and play,
and have adventures every day!

  B                                  F#                D#m
I know it sounds hard to believe, but guys and gals it's true!
    G#              C#              F#
Camp Campbell is the place for me and you!

We'll swim through lakes and climb up trees,
catch fish, bugs, bears, and honeybees!
There's endless possibilities,
and no, that's not hyperbole!

    Ab                          Db                Dbm
Our motto's Campe Diem and that means I'm telling you...

We've got:

archery, hiking, search and rescue biking,
horseback, training that'll save you from a heart attack,
scuba diving, miming, keeping up with rhyming,
football, limbo, science, stunting,
pre - calc, spaceships, treasure hunting,
bomb defusal, no refusal,
fantasies, circus trapeze,
and fights and ghosts and paints and snakes,
and knives and chess and dance and weights,
it's Camp Camp!
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