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[Intro :] Bmaj7 Bb/Bmaj7

[Verse :]
......Our family reunion
I'd rather be anywhere but here

It's like a pain you should ignore
                                F#7                      Bmaj7
But my uncle's here to open the door and I don't like him
This family reunion
I felt so uncomfortable, I left
They all decided to stay
So it's just me and my mistakes

[Chorus :]
Emaj7                D#7            G#m                E
......And I'd like to know that you smile when you're alone
And when you need time to yourself
Remember me, I won't be anyone else
I'm just the boy you love
I'm just the boy

[Verse 2 :]
And my lover, my best friend
When I heard that you don't know why you're here
I fell face down
And became one with the ground
.....And my lover's best friend
No, he doesn't know what to suggest
He does everything for love
But when his "everything" just isn't enough

[Chorus :]
Emaj7            D#7            G#m                  E
.....He'd like to know that you smile when you're alone, ( mh mh )
And when you need time to yourself, ( mh mh )
Remember me, I won't be anyone else
I'm just the boy you love
The boy... you love

[Instrumental :]
B Bmaj7 B Bmaj7 B Bmaj7 D#7

[Bridge :]
      C#m7                D#7
And if it looks like you don't love me then
      G#m                        C#7
That's alright and I would let you be content
I'm still your friend
                    C#m7  Bmaj7
No revenge and no regrets
No regrets, no regrets

[Outro :]
      C#m7                D#7
And if it looks like God might judge me
    G#m                C#7
Then I don't even wanna stay another day
E                                  D#7
Cause if he's the one, then who am I?
He calls the shots
And he always decides
                    D#7 D7 C#m7
What's the point in living life
      F#7                      Bmaj7
Living life... when it's all for him...
All for him

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