Wandering Boy CHORDS by Randy Newman

Artist: Randy Newman
Song: Wandering Boy
Album: Dark Matter
Released: 2017

[Intro :]
Bm D E A

[Verse :]
D         D/F#    G   D/F#
Thank you for the party
D/F#   G      Asus4 A
I was glad we came
        G    A            Bm        G
I'm the only one from the family tonight
      D           Bm      E     Asus4 A
But I know they'd say the same
  D         G       A   D
I came here with my father
D/F#  G        Asus4  A
And I brought my wife
      G        A
Three sons, a daughter
      Bm        D
And a last baby boy
   G        D                  F#           Bm
A little caboose we called the light of our life
    G              D        A
And that's who I'm waiting for

[Chorus :]
      D     G         A      D
Where is my wandering boy tonight?
            G         A
Where is my wandering boy?
G      A        Bm                   G
If you see him, push him towards the light
      D      A         Bm
Where is my wandering boy?

[Solo :]
Bm F#m  E A
Bm D G E

[B-part :]
   G      A       Bm      D
He went over that harbor there
     G       A7sus4     D
When he was five years old
G        A      Bm
Laughing like a maniac
Bm             E        Asus4 A
Shining in the sun like gold
Bm               C#
He was afraid of nothing then
       F#m       B
He was loved by everyone
I see it clear as I see you
     Dm               G
That day there in the sun

[Verse :]
  C         F           G         C
I hope he's warm and I hope he's dry
            C         F         G      C
And that a strangers eye is a friendly eye
       F           G       Am           F
And I hope he has someone close by his side
       C                    G
And I hope that he'll come home

[Chorus :]
      C      F         G    C
Where is my wandering boy tonight?
      C      F        Gsus4 G
Where is my wandering boy?
F       G                Am            F
If you see him, tell him everything's alright
C                    F
Push him towards the light
      C      G        C
Where is my wandering boy?
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Published : 2018-02-10 14:18:45

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About Randy Newman

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Randall Stuart Newman is an American singer-songwriter, arranger, composer, and pianist who is known for his distinctive voice, mordant pop songs, and for film scores. Since the 1980s, Newman has worked mostly as a film composer.