Tommys Party CHORDS by Peach Pit

[Intro :]
G A C B7 D

[Verse I :]
G                        A
hey there bud.. how'd it go last night..?
  C                                B7    D
i saw you at the band stand looking pretty slammed
G                      A
did you see me feeding all my drinks to cam..?
        C                    D
probably not i guess.. you were quite the mess

G                          A
and that girl who tagged along there with you
  C                                  B7        D
i never caught her name but she seemed fucked up too
G                            A
from where i sat she looked to be having fun
        C                D ( once )
keeping up with you.. just like i used to

[Int :]
G A C B7 D

[Verse II :]
G                        A
hey there bud.. how'd it go last night..?
    C                              B7        D
i'm sorry to have ditched out but i was pretty high
G                      A
heard from leslie that on his stumble home
        C                  D
nat was puking up all that beer she'd drunk

G                          A
though we didn't talk much how'd your evening go
    C                          B7                    D
you barely spoke a word to me besides that slurred hello
G                      A
but i happened to see without even tryin'
        C                      D ( once )
how she laughed with you.. just like i used to

[Int :]
G A C B7 D

[Verse III :]
G                        A
hey there bud.. how'd it go last night..?
  C                              B7              D
i woke up to a pair of shoes i've not seen next to mine
G                      A
did you whisper as you crept in through the door
          C                    D
how you'd never done much like this before..?

G                    A
i was thinking back just the other day
  C                                B7            D
remember when we used to sneak out late to go and blaze
G                          A
seemed like loneliness was all we'd ever do
              C                D ( once )
but now she's knowing you.. just like i used to

[Int x3 :]
G A C B7 D

[Outro :]
G A C B7 D
End on D
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Published : 2017-09-18 14:53:58

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