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Mipso is a North Carolina quartet formed in Chapel Hill known for combining a traditional string band format with close harmony and a variety of modern influences. Over the years the group has claimed various origins of the word "Mipso." In 2013 guitarist Joseph Terrell stated that the members "just came up with it." In 2013 bassist Wood Robinson claimed that the name referred to a now defunct Japanese appliance manufacturer, crediting Jacob Sharp's thesis research into post-war Japan with unearthing a reference to the company.
Album: Coming Down the Mountain
Released: 2017

G    C  D

    G                C                D    G
You cry like somebody with nothing to cry about
C              D              G
Tears running down into your open mouth
C              D              G    C  D
Moaning like a dog that wants out

    G              C              D          G
You cry like somebody who chose the road most traveled down
C                D              G
Who dreams of tennis skirts and wedding gowns
        C        D                  G        C  D
Like a kid who crumbled under every frown

Em                        A7
When the moment calls for might
F#7                        Bm
When your house of glass ignites
B                    Em  G/B  G        A7
You’ll try to cry but wolf is all they’ll hear
    C              D                        G    C  D
You cry like somebody who never needed the tears

    G              C              D            G
You cry like somebody who holds a candle to the night
  C                D              G
Thinking you can summon back the light
            C    D                G      C  D
Cause your troubles never put up a fight

Em                      A7
If you’d known a bitter word
F#7                    Bm
If you’d ever gone unheard
You’d have learned by now
Em  G/B      G              A7
To hold your head up when you pout
    C              D                        G      C  G
To cry like somebody with something to cry about

G      C  D
G      C  D

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