[Intro :]
When the storm clouds rise
Dm7    C      Am7
And the sky is dark
        Gm7        Dm7    C    Am7
And I'm pressed with anxious care
        Gm7        Dm7    C          Am7
I've a safe retreat in the strong.. high tower
      Gm7            Dm7  C
For no ill can harm me there

[Hook :]
                  Gm7      Dm7  C
I'll hide in Your safe retreat
Am7          Gm7      Dm7  C    Am7
Hide in Your safe retreat
        Gm7              Dm7  C        Am7
When the storm clouds fly 'Til they pass me by
        Gm7            Dm7  C    Am7
I will hide in Your safe retreat

[Verse 1 :]
When the lightnings flash
And the thunders roar
        Gm7          Fmaj7
And the storms in fury be
          Gm7            Am7
When they seem so sure to engulf my soul
          Gm7              F
Then I'll hide in Your safe retreat
Soon the storms will pass
And the sky will clear
      Gm7            Fmaj7
And my rest be calm and sweet
        Gm7                  Am7
I will trust and wait with no anxious fear
          Gm7              F
For I'll hide in Your safe retreat

[Hook 2 :]
                  Gm7          Am7
I'll hide in Your safe retreat
              Gm7      F
Hide in Your safe retreat
When the storm clouds fly
'Til they pass me by
      Gm7              F
I will hide in Your safe retreat

[Bridge :]
None of this is wasted
Gm7                  Fmaj7
Still becoming who we are
Ordinary people
Gm7            Fmaj7
Extraordinary scars
From a million places
Gm7                    Fmaj7
Like a million shooting stars
We belong to hope now
Gm7                  Fmaj7
Heaven isn't all that far

[Hook 3 :]
            Gm7        Dm7  C
Hide in Your safe retreat
Am7          Gm7        Fmaj7
Hide in Your safe retreat
        Gm7              Dm7  C        Am7
When the storm clouds fly 'Til they pass me by
      Gm7                Fmaj7
I will hide in Your safe retreat
( Repeat )

[Outro :] Gm7 Dm7 C Am7
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