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Giovanni "Jack" Savoretti (born 10 October 1983) is an English solo acoustic singer of Italian descent. He has released five studio albums to date: Between the Minds (2007), Harder Than Easy (2009), Before the Storm (2012), Written in Scars (2015) and Sleep No More (2016).
[Verse 1]~
Em      G                   Cm
Traveled far to get ourselves here

Em      G           Cm
Left our indifference behind

Em       G        Cm
With your courage I escaped my fear

Em            G                 Cm
You learned to say what's on your mind

      Am             C
Now we make our loving memories

Living heart to heart

Glowing like an open fire

We came out from the dark

Em  G          Cm
Only you is all I need

C    G               Cm
Only you know where to go to get to me

Em   G              Cm
Only you can break me free

C       G                Cm
Stop me living behind the lines of enemies

C           D               Em
Waiting for someone to rescue me

[Verse 2]~
Em         Gm                    Cm
We traveled rough to get ourselves here

Em          Gm                Cm
Now laughter dries the tears we cried

Em         Gm                Cm
Through the good times and the bad,..!! my dear

Em         Gm              Cm
We suffered for each other's crime

Am                 C
I placed the love you gave me

closer to my heart

You took the songs I sang to you,..!!

alone in the dark

Em  G          Cm
Only you is all I need

C    G               Cm
Only you know where to go to get to me

Em  G              Cm
Only you can break me free

C       G      C       G               D       Em       Cm
Stop me living,..!! stop me living behind the lines of enemies

C        G                   Cm        C
When I'm with you baby it's a beautiful life

C             G               D
Together this world feels like home

C        G                  Cm     C
Walk beside me now until the end of time

C                     D
Without you I feel so alone

Em  G           Cm
Only you is all I need

C    G                Cm
Only you know where to go to get to me

Em  G               Cm
Only you can break me free

C       G           C       G
Stop me living,..!! yes,..!! stop me living,..!! now

C       G                 D          Em
Stop me living,..!! behind the lines of enemies

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