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Basic Chords Eminem - Book Of Rhymes

capo: 1st fret
i really like Eminem's new song this time
only uses 2 keys and is very easy to play
although some of the lyrics don't seem to be accompanied by music
that's what i know so far
Dmi don't smile, Ci don't frown, Dmget too up or Cget too down (nah)
Dmi was here, Cso were you, you Dmcame and went, i sCtuck around (yeah)
Dmstill here now, Cstop me how? your oDmpinion's like a bCroken calcuDmlator
that shit Cdoesn't count
Dmshut your motherCfuckin' mouth
i'm Dmemptyin' (i'm Cemptyin') my Dmbook of rhymes (my Cbook of rhymes)
get 'em Dmall off my Cpad, every tDmhought that i Chad
i said i'm Dmemptyin' (i'm Cemptyin') my Dmbook of rhymes (my Cbook of rhymes)
get 'em Dmall off my Cpad (yeah), every tDmhought that i Chad
[verse (1)]
haven't used Dmall the tricks i Chave, so like my Dmballs, i'm in my Cbag (my bag)
get a little Dmtestе when i'm Cmad (i'm mad), sick of Dmwrestling this iCpad (ipad)
unsucDmcessfully, i might Cadd
and i know it's Dmbеst to leave it lieC but even i get obDmsessed with reading everyCthing
and let it get the Dmbest of me 'til i Csnap ('til i snap)
Dm  but i need to get Coff the internet (inDmternet)
i need to Cget on the mic (get on the mic)
Dm  you need to get Coff the internet (inDmternet)
you need to Cget you a life
Dmwhy you waste time Cjust to comment on shit? (comDmment on shit)
especially sChit you don't like
don't Dmlike it, don't listen, but Cdon't tell me 'bout your faDmvorite rapper rippin' some sChit he didn't write (didn't Dmwrite)
what happened to sClim? he was no Dmcap with the pen
he Cused to rap like the Dmpeople his music was Cfor
he was eDmxactly like them (exactly like tChem)
the dude who used to be Dmpoor, why can't he Ctap into him?
can't Dmuse that excuse anyCmore
he's mad at the Dmwind, he's in a Cnuclear war
with a cloudDm, he's yellin' at it aCgain
i talked to your mother, she told me she loved me
all she wanna do is just hold me and hug me
wants nobody but me, she showed me the dougie
can i get a witness like notary Dmpublic? (preach)
she said, "Ckick some fly shit" (Dmfly shit)
i said, "i got Cwings on my ass" (Dmwings on my ass)
told her my Cdick's a cockpit (Dmdick's a cockpit)
i fly by the Cseat of my pants (Dmseat of my pants)
C  sinful thoughts, this Dmbeat is crazy, this Cshit's retarded
this Dminstru's mental (this Cinstru's mental) to Dmmini-bars, inciCdental charges
Dm  when did it start?C i been cold-hearDmted in this heart Csince kindergarten
mental sDmharpness which makes sClim a walking dentistDm office, bitch, i invented fClossin'
Dmyeah, i used to Cwonder (i used to Dmwonder) where my next Cmeal's gonna come from (meal's gonna Dmcome from)
now, i just Cwonder (now i just Dmwonder) where my next Cmill's gonna come from (mill's gonna Dmcome from)
i cannot Chave no success (have no sucDmcess), unless when i Cfinally make it (finally Dmmake it)
i get to reCmind all the haters (remind Dmall the haters) who shitted Con me when i'm on my way up (i'm Dmon my way)
Dm  my floor is y'Call fool's ceilings if Dmi was you
i would sCtep or find yourDmself twisted
that's Chow you'll wind up Dmlike spiral stairs
Ci will swear on a sDmtack of bibles
i Cwill tear new behinds Dmout of rivals, even Cyour idols, i don't Dmcare
it's music to be murdered by, so bon iver can swallow a fuckin' ja rule bobblehead
and die slow like alzheimer's (ha-ha)
lone sniper, i hold a microphone like a loaded rifle
my dome's brighter, all i spit from my skull's fire
all that's missing's a motorcycle with the chrome wires, spoke tires
and y'all are flow biters, so i don't gotta
explain why they call me your ghostwriter
i'm Dmemptyin' (i'm Cemptyin') my Dmbook of rhymes (my Cbook of rhymes)
get 'em Dmall off my Cpad, every tDmhought that i Chad
i said i'm Dmemptyin' (i'm Cemptyin') my Dmbook of rhymes (my Cbook of rhymes)
get 'em Dmall off my Cpad (yeah), every tDmhought that i Chad
[verse (2)]
(Dm C)
haven't used all the tricks i have, so like my balls, it's in my bag
i tend to get a little testy when i'm mad
but gift of gab and pen to pad turn temper tantrums into anthems
put lips to ass and kiss the cracks, spit your damnedest
you're still gonna hit the canvas
rippin' rappers, veterans to whippersnappers
mr mathers is killin' this shit, villainous wit with scant less
syllables rip the planet, biblical shit's fittin' to hit the fan
anybody wanna go tit for tat's gonna get hit with that
then the amygdala hippocampus is gonna trigger the ignoramus
to think of the most ridiculous shit to spit then
pit it against these pitiful rappers
insidious, these idiots wittiest shit against me shitty as mc hammer's
get your whole squad, send a task force in
if you want it, you're 'bout to get what you asked for then
put your helmet on, strap your chin
you're 'bout to get you a crash course in
who not to start a motherfuckin' rap war with
or to go against, fuck would you wanna do that for?
no offense, but are you retards slow or dense?
a fuckin' penny has more sense
yeah, now you gotta get killed, but it's not a big deal, but every thought is so ill
and so methodical, thought i swallowed a pill
i'm starting to feel like i'm an automobile
with barnacle bill inside the car at the wheel
inside a carnival, 'cause i'm plowin' into everyone who wrote snidey articles
and that explains why the fuck you clowns are all in my grill
joy and pain, fortune, fame, torture, shame, choice i made
swore someday the world would pay less to lose, more to gain, daughters raised
yesterday, glory days, adored and praised, ignored the hate
addressed the fake, toured with dre, tore a page from jordan came
destroyed the game before you came, enjoy your stay
before it's gone away, but the more you claim that you're gonna point and aim
if it joined a gang, your shit isn't going to bang
you're just boring, lame and more of the same
you have an enormous chain, but a stormless brain
the most you can form is rain
your shit is pointless, same as a scoreless game
so, bitch, quit lyin', you're denyin' like mr porter's name
borderline bipolar disorder since my stroller
eyes rollin' back in my skull like eli porter
fire mortar (brr) rounds, ayatollah, every iota i load up
i owe to my motor mouth
this is my note to self
sometimes you're gonna bomb
so you just might have to blow yourself up with no one's help
i just wrote it down in my book of rhymes
preemo, take us out
(Dm C)
writin' in my book of rhymes
my book of rhymes, my book of rhymes
i'm, i'm, i'm, i'm, i'm, i'm eastside
writin' in my book of rhymes
my book of rhymes, my book of rhymes
i'm, i'm, i'm, i'm, i'm, i'm eastside


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About Eminem

Marshall Bruce Mathers III (born October 17, 1972), known professionally as Eminem (often stylized as EMINƎM), is an American rapper, songwriter, record producer, and actor. Eminem is the best-selling artist of the 2000s in the United States.

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