[Intro :]
A    Amaj7  Bm7  Amaj7

[Verse 1 :]
            A    Amaj7
I’m going nowhere
              A    Amaj7
I can’t move forward
            A    Amaj7      F#m        F#
I’m so much colder than I’ve been
              Bm      Bm7
Since, say, October
When we were closer
And it was love that we were in
If I was a smarter man I’d understand
      F#m                        F#
I’m alone when I look in the mirror
We said our goodbyes and
I closed my eyes and
              Bm    E
You’re still here

[Verse 2 :]
          A    Amaj7
Many moons after
            A    Amaj7
You left your laughter
        A    Amaj7          F#m    F#
I keep it safe and hold it tight
            Bm      Bm7
Got every good reason
To take memories in
Sit back and repeat them every night
Maybe I stayed too long

Overplayed this song
I don’t mind
I’m inclined to agree
If I’m going nowhere
                  Dm              A
Then there is nowhere I’d rather be

[Bridge :]
            G                        D
I wonder if she remembers something
              Dm                A
The way that I remember her
          G                    D
Wonder if pre - September ever was
The way we were

If I’m going nowhere
                Dm            A
Then there is nowhere I’d rather be

            G                    D
I wonder if she remembers anything
          Dm          A
The way that I do her
          G                  D
Wonder if pre - September ever was
The way we were
      G           A
Well it’s all a blur

[Verse 3 :]
        A    Amaj7
I’m going nowhere
        A    Amaj7
She said it’s over
        A    Amaj7          F#m    F#
Still I look forward to the Fall
          Bm      Bm7
Another October
I’m sorry I know you’re
Expecting a less than sober call
Maybe you’re right, I’m scared

It might go nowhere
          F#m                F#
And it’s making it hard to believe
That I’m going nowhere
                  Dm            A
And there is nowhere I’d rather be

[Outro :]
If you could just show where
I can go nowhere
That’s where I’ll be
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