G      D/F# C/E         G/D
Here We Are,.. In Your Presence

C        G/D           D/F#  C/D D G
Lifting Holy Hands To You,..

G      D/F# C/E         G/D
Here We Are,.. Praising Jesus,..

C          D/F#                  G
For The Things He's Brought Us Through

[Verse 1]~
C       D/F#               G/D           Em
I dont Have The Words To Tell You How I Feel,..

C            D/F#            G
I Just Dont Know What I Can Say,..

B                 Em
I'm Not Worthy To Speak Your Holy Name,..

A        A/C#         D      Dsus      D7   C/D
Yet You Tell Me,..You Love Me Just The Same

[Verse 2]~
C          D/F#               G/D      Em
I Never Thought,..That It Could Be,..This Way

C             D/F#              G
And I Never Thought,..I'd Be The One

B                 Em
But You Found Me Dying In My Sins,..

A         A/C#            D        Dsus    D7  C/D
And You Looked At Me,..With Love And Took Me In
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