D  Bm  G  Em  A

[Verse 1]~
All I know

Your love is like an overflow

                  G         Em
Even save me from head to toe

You won't let go

[Verse 2]~
My God so great

You mend every tear my heart sustains

           G               Em
Even before I knew Your name

You made a way

[Chorus 1]~
My soul sings,, Holy is the Lord

Yesterday,, today,, forevermore

I will sing your praise

Jesus is Your name


[Verse 3]~
Now I'm concealed

Search me Lord and hear heart's appeal

              G              Em
In awe of you my spirit yields

Your love revealed

[Chorus 2]~
My soul sings,, Sovereign is the Lord

Eternally You are faithful

Endless are your days

Jesus is Your name

G                  Bm
Jesus faithful and just

You never give up

Your love is a flood

You're so good to us
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