Found 36 Chords by Ed Sheeran


Edward Christopher Sheeran, MBE (born 17 February 1991) is an English singer-songwriter, guitarist and record producer. He was born in Halifax, West Yorkshire, and raised in Framlingham, Suffolk.

  1. When Will I Be Alright Chords (C, F, Am, Em, G)
  2. Spark Chords (Am, C, F, Dm, G, Em, D)
  3. Borderline Chords (C, D, G, Am, Em)
  4. Life Goes On Chords (C, F, G, Em, Am)
  5. Curtains Chords (C, G, Em, D, Am, Bm)
  6. Vega Chords (Em, C, G, D, Am)
  7. Salt Water Chords (Am, F, C, G, Dm)
  8. Boat Chords (Dm, C, Bb, F, A)
  9. Eyes Closed Chords (C, G, Am, F)
  10. Celestial Chords (F, Am, C, G)
  11. Tides Chords (C, G, D, Em)
  12. Sandman Chords (C, G, Am, F, Dm)
  13. Bad Habits Chords (Am, Em, Dm, F, C, G)
  14. Hearts Dont Break Around Here Chords (G, D, Em, C)
  15. Dive Acoustic Chords (G, Em7, Cadd9, D, Bm7, Am7, C, G/F#)
  16. Hands Of Gold Chords (F#m, Bm, E, D)
  17. Galway Girl Chords (Em, G, D, Cadd9, C, Am7, A)
  18. Firefly Chords (E, A, C#m, B)
  19. Ag Smaoineamh Ós Ard Chords (C, C/E, F, G, Dm, Am, B)
  20. Photograph Acoustic Chords (E, C#m, B, A, Esus2, Bsus2, C#sus2, Asus2)
  21. Thinking Out Loud Chords (C, Am, F, G, Dm)
  22. I Dont Want Your Money Chords (C, Am, F, G, Dm)
  23. Love Yourself Chords (E, B/D#, C#m, F#m, A, B, C#)
  24. I See Fire Acoustic Chords (Em, G, C, Em7, Cadd9, D, Am7, G/B, Am)
  25. Shape Of You Chords (C#m, F#m, A, B)
  26. Photograph Chords (D, Bm, A, G)
  27. Supermarket Flowers Chords (C, Em, F, Am, G, Dm7, Dm, A, Fadd9)
  28. Beautiful People Chords (C, Em, Am)
  29. Best Part Of Me Chords (D, A, Bm, G)
  30. Castle On The Hill UKULELE Chords (D, G, Bm, A)
  31. Wayfaring Stranger Chords (Em, A, A))
  32. Supermarket Flowers Acoustic Chords (G, G/B, Cadd9, Em, D, Am7, C, A, Bm, Cmaj7)
  33. Someone Like You Chords (C, G, Am, F)
  34. Perfect Chords (G, Em, C, D, D/F#)
  35. Happier Chords (Am, F, C)
  36. Castle On The Hill Chords (D, D/F#, G, Bm, A, A7sus4)