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Basic Chords Ed Sheeran - When Will I Be Alright



chordband » Ed Sheeran » When Will I Be Alright

capo: 2nd fret
C  F  C  Am  Em  FC  F  C  G  F  C
[verse (1)]
C  oh, i've been uFp all nigCht
thAminkin' 'bout EmdyiFn'
Ci've just been wasFtin' tCime
Gwhen will iF be alriCght?  G    F    C
god is not oFn my sCide
but Amgod knows i'm EmtryFin'
Ci need to rFedefCine
Gwhen will i Fbe alrCight?
liFsten to my heCart beatin'
Amwhy is there this Gempty feelin'?
Flosin' hope and Call reason
when will Gi bFe alriCght?  G   F   C
[verse (2)]
C  i have lived hFalf of liCfe
Amconstantly EmfighFtin'
chCeeks bruised and knFuckles whCite
Gwhen will iF be alriCght?
Fhold my breath to Cstop breathin'
Amlove, i used to Gknow the meanin'
Fi'd wake up ifC i was dreamin'
but when wiGll i Fbe alriCght?
C  G  F  CF  C  Am  Em  FC  F  C  G  F  C
Ci saw, now iF am bliCnd
Amto all the sEmeasFons
Ci see a fFadin' liCght
Gwhen will iF bе alriCght?
Flisten to my Cheart beatin'
Amwhy is thеre this Gempty feelin'?
Flosin' hope and Call reason
when wilGl i Fbe alrigCht?
i trFied my best to sCtop her leavin'
i woAmnder about the aGrms she's in
Fthis is it, the Cend is nearin'
when wilGl i Fbe alriCght?
G  F  C


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About Ed Sheeran

Edward Christopher Sheeran, MBE (born 17 February 1991) is an English singer-songwriter, guitarist and record producer. He was born in Halifax, West Yorkshire, and raised in Framlingham, Suffolk.

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