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[Verse 1 :]
C                F                  C
Lately, I’ve been thinking about the past
          F            C
How there is no holding back
  F        C      G
No point in wasting sorrow
  F                        C
On things that won’t be here tomorrow

[Verse 2 :]
C                  F                C
But you and I, well we don’t need to speak
        F            C
It’s a secret that we keep
      F      C    G
How do you and I decide?
F                            C
Just say when and we‘ll say goodnight

[Chorus :]
F            C  G  F
Tell me it’s oka-----y
                  C  G  F
To live life this wa-----y
            C          G
Sometimes I want you to stay
              F      C
I know it’s a shame
F    C
F    C    G


[Verse  3 :]
C          F            C
Now I spend so much of my time
      F        C
Going out of my mind
      F      C    G
Try so hard to be amused
F                            C
But what you cannot gain you lose

[Verse 4 :]
C          F                C
In LA, the sun’s almost too bright
  F            C
I cannot get it right
    F    C    G
The emptiness I feel
F                        C
And now none of it seems real

[Chorus :]
F          C    G    F
Maybe it’s alri----ght
                    C  G  F
If I just spend the ni----ght
                C                  G
Sometimes I just can’t bear to walk away
              F      C
I know it’s a shame
F    C
F    C    G


[Bridge :]
F  C        G
Who have I become?
F  C      G  D7
Who will I beeeecome tomorrow?

[Chorus :]
F            C  G  F
Tell me it’s oka-----y
                C  G  F
If I ask you to sta-----y
              C                            G
Sometimes the night cuts through me like a knife
              F      C
I know it’s a shame
C            F      C
I know it's a shame
C            F      C    G
I know it's a shame

[Outro :]
F  C
F  C    G     --- C ( strum )
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Published : 2017-09-28 12:50:56

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Author : Endah Annely
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