Found 7 Chords by Rizky Febian


Rizky Febian Adriansyah Sutisna, (Born: 25 February 1998) professionally known as Rizky Febian, is an Indonesian singer, songwriter, actor and TV presenter. He is the eldest son of the Indonesian comedian Sule. He is famous for his single "Kesempurnaan Cinta".

  1. Terlukis Indah Chords (C, Am, D, Bb, F, Gm, Dm, Em, Fm, E, G, Eb)
  2. Cukup Tau Chords (D, C#m, Bm, A, E, F#m)
  3. Makna Cinta Chords (F, G, Am, C, Em, Dm, Bm, Bb)
  4. Mantra Cinta Chords (Bm, E, A, F#, C#m, F#m, E/G#, F, Cm, Bb, Gm, F/A, Dm, G/B, D, D#)
  5. Ragu Chords (F, G, C, E, Am, Dm, D, A, Em)
  6. Bahasa Cinta Chords (F, Bb, C, G#, G, Dm, F#m, Bm, Em, D#, Am)
  7. Menari Chords (Em, Bm, A, Am, Dm, G, C, Fm, Bb, Gm, D)