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[Intro :]
Am F .. Am F
Am F .. Am F

[Hook :]
I'mma fly to L.A,
I been getting them racks
Tired of chasing that money
Am                      F
Fuck her front and her back
I don't ever talk smack
Pussy you ain't takin' jack
I don't like cats I like jags
Dm        Am
I drink drank by the keg
I won't hit if it's stankin
Suck that dick while you plankin'
I might buy new Acres
Climb in it like a Wrangler
Substituting these whores
While I'm flying round the globe
I'ma shoot you boy if you play about my woah

[Verse :]
Paris Hilton my rooms,
I get them racks up
Now she suck a nigga like woo
        C              Am
My new CD's are print, but it ain't blue
I got a K in my trench,
just 'specially for you
Am      Em                        Am
Gunnin', watch them pop lock it and drop it
Got all five pockets full in case you think it's a wallet
Am              F                Am
Shoot em in the back like Ricky no bobby
                                          G    Am
I got hoes and they give me head without a pocket
Aye, eenie miny mo
I'ma fuck the bitch all of her clothes on
Nigga really that complain really poor
Need a new job better store up
Need a new car with some some carbon
Am              G  F
I don't make it rain no,
I'ma nut on her car,
let her snort some
Am                      Em
I just went inside Nordstroms and spent me a motherfuckin' a Fortune

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Published : 2017-10-30 12:55:18

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