Hamar Town Chords

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[verse :]=====

C     G
Okay, it's council meeting day

C           G
Deep breath, what will the others say?

G7        G7                         C
When i present my new idea before the council

C     G
Okay, just five more minutes now

C                   G
"Hello, i'm geir! ", no they already know

G7                      F              G7                    C
Just say what's on your mind, show the drawing and you'll be fine

=====[chorus :]=====

               F                    G7
'Cause there's one thing we've been missing

        G                C
In this town for far too long

  G7                G7              C
A place to dive for people who like diving, oh

  F                  G7
I swear i'm going to make this town

  G                C
A brand new diving board

F                       F
It will be beautiful, fantastical, affordable and magical

    G7    C
For hamar town

=====[verse :]=====

D           A
Right here, can you see it too?

D             A
A nice board, i'm thinking grey and blue

A7         G
Will it be expensive? no!

A7         G
Will it be secure? of course!

D          A
Convinced  that's how i feel right now

D          A
Convinced  we'll find the cash somehow

A7           G
Unanimous on three  one, two, three!

A7                      G
You can always count on me overlapping

G                      A
We'll help you build a diving board

Diving board!

=====[chorus :]=====

D     A
Lets, lets build a diving board ( i'm gonna build something great )

D     A

Hamar will get a diving board ( a brand new diving board )

A7               A7       A7
We have the council power to build the most ( and i swear it's gonna be )

   G                         G                        G
Fantastical, sensational, phenomenal, traditional and most likely affordable

  A                      D
A diving board for hamar town!

How hard can it be?
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