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Basic Chords Yerin Baek - Hall & Oates

capo: 4th fret
G  F  G  F
[verse (1)]
G  we used to run all the way back Fhome
G  together, we shared toothbrushes it's Fweird, right?
G  we shared our Emparents like we've Fgot a big, big family
where Care you now, where Aare you now?
G  you wanted to work in the city
F  in a building like it's in the movie
G  you wanted to Emhave me with you
F  but dad told us we can't have Emeverything, Aeverything
[verse (2)]
we were Ghall and oates, light and salt
Dmbirds and the bee, little cup and Emtea
G  that's all i Ebmiss
G  we were holding hands, wherever we go
Fflowers and butterDmflies little shoes and Emsocks
G  that's all i Ebneed
[verse (3)]
G  now i became the one
F  somebody needs and wants
G  a part of another world
F  think of the time we grew together
A  we no longer need each other
C  as much as we did back then
Gbut it's alDmright
you'll be Emalways on my Cmind
[verse (4)]
we were Ghall and oates, light and salt
Dmbirds and the bee, little cup and Ctea
that's all i Ebmiss
we were Gholding hands, wherever we go
Dmflowers and butterEmflies ittle shoes and Gsocks
that's all i Ebneed


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About Yerin Baek

Baek Ye-rin, also credited as Yerin Baek, (Born: June 26, 1997) is a South Korean singer-songwriter. A former member of duo 15&, she debuted as a solo artist with the mini album Frank, in 2015. Since 2015, she has had seven singles peak in the top ten on Gaon Digital Chart.

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