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Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy, known professionally as XXXTentacion, is an American rapper, singer and songwriter. Born and raised in Plantation, Florida, Onfroy spent most of his childhood in Lauderhill, Florida.
Released: 2017

Who do I have?
E  F
  Help me in hell, my friend (my friend)
G  Asus2
  I won't shed a tear
E        F
Let them see me in pain again

G Asus2
  Hello, from the dark side in
                            E  F
Does anybody here wanna be my friend? (my friend)

Want it all to end
                                    G Asus2
Tell me when the fuck is it all gon' end?

Voices in my head
                          E  F
Telling me I'm gonna end up dead
  Asus2            E  F
So save me, before I fall
G  Asus2            E    F
So save me, I don't wanna be alone
G  Asus2            E  F
So save me, before I fall
G  Asus2            E    F
So save me, I don't wanna be alone

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