No Fear In Love Chords

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[Intro :]
Dm  C  Bb  Gm  F  Bb

[Verse 1 :]
      Dm        C    Bb
We’re bringing our trials
        Gm      F    Bb
We’re bringing our joys
Dm        C    Bb            Gm  F  Bb
Bringing the dreams that the liar destroyed
Dm        C  Bb
All that was broken
    Gm      F  Bb
And all that was dead
Dm        C    Bb      Gm        F  Bb
Bringing the terrible things that we dread

[Chorus :]
            Bb  C  Dm
There is no fear in love
    F      C
No fear in love

[Verse 2 :]
      Dm        C  Bb
We’re bringing our questions
    Gm        F  Bb
Our hearts laying bare
Dm      C  Bb      Gm      F  Bb
Bringing the insecure feelings we wear
      Dm      C    Bb
We’re bringing our wonder
      Gm      F  Bb
We’re bringing our pain
Dm      C  Bb            Gm      F  Bb
Bringing the things that we fear are in vain

[Chorus :]
            Bb  C  Dm
There is no fear in love
    F      C
No fear in love

[Bridge :]
Gm      Bb          Dm      C
In every failure and at every cost
Gm        Bb          Dm        C
In all the time feeling broken and lost
Gm      Bb            Dm      C
In every heartbreak and in every doubt
Gm          Bb          Dm          C
In times of rainfall or in times of drought
Gm      Bb            Dm        C
In every friendship and in broken trust
Gm          Bb          Dm        C
Here in the feeling that we’re only dust
Gm        Bb        Dm            C
You are reminding us what You have said
Gm              Bb            Dm          C
We’re sons and daughters from now ’til the end

[Chorus :]
            Bb  C  Dm
There is no fear in love
    F      C
No fear in love
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Published : 2017-11-19 07:43:29

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