You Gotta Die Sometime Chords

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Em Bm Em Bm

Em Bm
F#m                   B7
When the doctor started using phrases like
Em          Bm
"You'll pass away"
F#m          B7
What could i say?
I said Doctor
In plain English
       Em       Bm
Tell me why was I chosen
Why me of all men?
Doctor, here's the good part
At least death means
    Bm       F#m       B7
I'll never be scared about dying again

Em Bm

F#m             B7
Let's get on with living while we can
    Em          Bm
And not play dumb
F#m          B7
Death's gonna come

       Em             C
When it does, screw the nerves
       Am            G
I'll be eating hors d'oeuvres
       C          G          B
It's the roll of the dice and no crime
                        Em Bm
You gotta die sometime

Em Bm

F             F#m
Death is not a friend
Bm                Em
But I hope in the end
D                                                G
He takes me in his arms and lets me hold his face
He holds me in his arms and whispers something funny
Am                                     C
He lifts me in his arms and tells me to embrace
His attack
Then the scene turns to black

Em       Bm
Life sucks
F#m          B7
People always hate a loser
          Em       Bm
And they hate lame ducks
F#m          Bm
Screw me and shucks
That's it
That's the ball game
I don't smoke, don't do drugs
And then comes the bad news
I quit
That's the ball game
It's the chink in the armor
The shit in the karma
       Em Bm
The blues

F#m          B7
Can I keep my cool despite the urge
       Em Bm
To fall apart?
F#m          B7
How should I start?

       Em      C
I would cry if I could
      Am          G
But it does no damn good
C            G       B
To explain I'm a man in my prime
                      Em Bm
You gotta die sometime

Em Bm

F             F#m
Death's a funny pal
      Bm            Em
With a weird sort of talent
D                                                    G
He puts his arms around my neck and walks me to the bed
He pins me up against the wall and kisses me like crazy
The many stupid things I thought about with dread
Now delight
Then the scene turns to white

F#m       B7                   Em      Bm
Give me the balls to orchestrate a graceful leave
F#m      B7
That's my reprieve

To go out
Without care
       Am          G
My head high in the air
       C          G            B
It's the last little mountain I'll climb
I'll climb
You gotta die sometime
You gotta die sometime
You gotta die sometime
You gotta die sometime, sometime
Sometime, sometime
Sometime, sometime

Sometime, sometime
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Published : 2017-06-27 13:29:31

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