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[Verse 1 :]
C                   Dm
I put it all on one last spin,
          F                   C
see I was hoping you might be lucky.
C                                   Dm
I lost it all like the winter loses to the spring,
        E                     C
now I’m hoping that you might forgive me.

[Pre-Chorus :]
    Dm                                                  F                    G
I’m thinking to myself though we never had much else we always had something safe.
  Dm                                             F                        G
I can’t understand as we made all these plans it felt like we needed more days.

[Chorus 1 :]
                 Dm         F                  C
And the years go by and she takes each morning with her
      Dm        F            C
Maybe time is a statue not a river.

[Verse 2 :]
       C                                                       Dm
Well I drank away the last few years turned them into a single picture
             F                               C
Wish I could show you, but its fading by the hour
    C                                     Dm
I’m trying to find a new man a new way of living
            F                        C
This one is giving me a heart attack

[Pre-Chorus :]
            Dm                                           F                        G
But there’s ghosts at every door looking through my mind trying to find things to destroy
        Dm                                                   F                   G
And I’m sure its speeding up a decade to me now feels like a summer when I was a boy

[Chorus 2 :]
                 Dm       F             C
And the years go by and I wait to be delivered,
      Dm        F            C
Maybe time is a statue not a river.

[Bridge :]
Dm              F
Why were you so kind to me?
Dm              F
Why were you so kind?
A7              Dm
Why were you so kind to me?
A7               C
Why where you so kind?

[Chorus 3 :]
                  Dm         F                C
As the years went by and the night is drawing closer
      Dm        F               C
Maybe time is a heartbeat not a river
                 Dm       F               C
And the years go by and I wish I could go with her
      Dm        F            C
Maybe love is a statue not a river.
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