I Look to You CHORDS by Whitney Houston


C              G
As i lay me down
Am               Em
Heaven hear me now
Dm                  F
I'm lost without a cause
Dm                  G
After giving it my all

C                    G
Winter storms has come
Am              Em
And darken my sun
Dm                         F
After all that we've been through
Dm                      G
Who on earth can i turn to


          C   G
I look to you
          Am  Dm
I look to you

        F                Em
After all my strength is gone
F                  G
In you i can move on

           C   G
I look to you
           Am  Dm
I look to you

          F           Em
And when melodies are gone
   Dm           G
In you i hear a song
I look to you

Artist: whitney houston
Title: i look to you
Album: i look to you
Released: 2009
Genre: adult contemporary
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Published : 2018-08-17 08:14:32


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